The basics of the grundig radio

The Grundig radio is one of the few pieces of technology on the market that supplies you with a feeling of confidence in your family’s safety and peace of mind without eating up your savings account. Grundig radio is basically an emergency radio which does not require you to have any power access. When in the market for an emergency radio, there are many things to consider. This radio has it all.

Living in this world can be a frightening experience these days. Even the weather has turned into a never ending unexpected flash of fury. If you are in the market to try and regain some of the feeling of being in control of your life, this is something you should be getting while staying in a budget.

The Grundig radio is a great little life saver with its versatility, quality and terrific price tag. This radio runs on the included rechargeable AA battery pack. However, if you do not have any battery power, you are in luck. One crank on the crank radio will yield you at least an hour of use without battery power.

With its built-in generator you will have access to the latest in weather and news no matter what your situation is. This little radio has an analog four band (AM/FM SW1/SW2) tuning using a fine tune knob, allowing you access to radio and short wave capabilities no matter what the disaster.

In addition to all of this great power you will be happy to know you will not be in the dark either. The Grundig radio has a built in emergency light as well, allowing you to see no matter where you are. With its 6.7 inches wide, 2.1 inches deep and 5.7 inches high size and a weight of 21.9 ounces you can virtually keep this on hand no matter what the situation in case of unexpected disaster. The frequency range on the tuner is 3.2-7.6 MHz, 9.2-22 MHz, FM88-108 MHz, AM530-1710 kHz giving it access to all of the important news and weather.

In addition to all the power packed into the little radio that will keep you from losing contact with the world, this radio also comes with a few really great amenities. The radio comes with headphones, travel carry strap and the camouflage soft case making the price a wonderful deal ringing in at a price tag of approximately $30-$40 including a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

You will not have to look very hard to find a Grundig radio. Locating one will be no problem as they can be found at hundreds of retailers including large department stores, sporting goods stores and even some hardware stores. They can be found at many online retailers and at many of the online auctions.
If you are looking for a great buy, you have found one in the Grundig radio. Do some searching around and check out the competition, but you are going to find that for the money the Grundig radio is a great way to get some peace of mind in a crazy world.